Staff List

      How to contact Junior School staff

      To contact any member of staff, use their first initial plus surname, followed by For example, the email address for Dr Anonymous Teacher, would be


      Junior School Staff List

      Headteacher Junior School: Miss B Meadows​

      Early Years
      Nursery Leader: Miss A Quigley
      Reception Teacher: Miss K O'Neill (Head of ICT)
      Early Years Practitioners: Mrs H Rose, Mrs J Bennett, Mrs A Hummerston

      Class Teachers
      Year 1: Mrs R Smales
      Year 2: Mrs V Westhead (Head of English)
      Year 3: Mrs J Fairbairn (Head of Learning Support)
      Year 4: Mrs G Reedman (Head of Science)
      Year 5: Miss L Taylor (Head of Mathematics)
      Year 6: Mr M Attree (Head of DT)

      Specialist Teachers
      French: Mrs L Gallacher​
      PE: Mrs E Combe, Mrs T Barrett, Mr L Allen, Mr J Cooper
      Science: Mrs E Gillies
      Swimming: Mr M Bogue, Mrs Z Doy
      Football Coach: Mr B O'Neill
      DT: Ms T Berg

      Teaching Assistants/ Lunchtime Supervisors
      Miss L Hitchins​
      Mrs J Graham​
      Mrs H Rose
      Mrs C Alder
      Mrs A Hummerston
      Mrs Bennett